Buyer's Guide

We’ve found the proper speakers and equipment to get you going!

Picking the right equipment can be a challenge.

Over the past eight years, we’ve tried, tested and ultimately selected a set of speakers and equipment that has set our sound systems in the right direction. Picking the right parts and ensuring everything will be compatible and sound nice can be difficult, so if you’d like, just follow our guide we wrote below to see what we recommend you purchase to set your Miata apart from the rest.

Start with the best. A MiataBox!

If you’re looking for the best possible bass in your Miata, the obvious choice would be the world-famous MiataBox! It fits any 8″ subwoofer that you can supply!

The box comes with wiring, polyfill to increase the effective volume, and terminal connectors to connect the sub to your amplifier. The box volume is .26 cubic feet. The front edge is carpeted to ensure an OEM look and hide it from potential thieves.

You'll need a sub for your MiataBox!

If you’re in the market for a new sub or you need one for this project, we highly recommend the Polk Audio MM 842 SVC. The bass hits hard, but is very clear. This sub doesn’t produce muddy sounds, and when paired with a MiataBox, the sound is properly executed and it fills the car, even when flying down the highway. You can expect no distortion with a proper amp that supplies enough power.

Additionally, this product is Marine Certified, so no worries about water harming it!

Protect your sub, otherwise it can blow!

We highly recommend the Crutchfield 8-inch waffle-style shield to protect your sub when it sits in the footwell. If you go without this, you run the chance of blowing the sub! This is because the shield protects the sub from resting on the footwell. Without this, the sub will press on the floorboard and eventually blow from all the work it does pushing against itself.

Make sure that you order the corresponding clips that hold this down!

What about speakers?

We used the Polk DB 6502’s. This is actually a temporary listing. We’re not sure if we recommend these, as they required some fighting to get it to hold in the door. The NA Miata has a 6.75″ or special S-Type speaker size, so these speakers are a little too small, however, I did get them to work, and I do love the way they sound.

They include a tweeter which I mounted in the door card. Doing so is done by using a hole saw and simply using the supplied bracket to mount.

These are also marine certified!

Scotty, we need more power!

You’re gonna need a amplifier to run your speakers and amp, and depending on the setup you want, you have two options.

The Kenwood Excelon XR400-4 is perfect for having door speakers and a subwoofer, but if you want to retain your factory headrest speakers, you’re gonna need more channels, so we recommend the upgrade to a Kenwood Excelon XR900-5

These have all the normal options you’ll need for an amp, at a fraction of the size! These units are really small!